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"Here's Your Rare Chance To Discover The Secret Methods That Will Enable You To Create Amazing Internal Chi (Qi) Energy

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Below you'll learn...

qigong How To Increase The Size and Strength of The Nerve Fibers...
qigong Why most Qigong Programs are Innifective & How After This System, Your Chi Will Be More Developed Than 90% of The Instructors Out There...
qigong How YOU can EVOLVE and Learn How To Develop Your Chi Body by simply applying These Easy To Learn 
qigong How Our Students Excel, While Most Other Qigong Students (and Teachers) Are Stuck In Traditional Systems That Rarely Get The Results They Should...

(Write this date down, because it's the day your life changed forever!)


meditationFrom: Sifu Perhacs:

I want to tell you an important story about 2 Chi Power Enthusiasts just like you...

Two guys were training in Qigong. They both wanted to get out the maximum amouth of power from their bodies to do many wonderful techniques and exercises.

Both had the same amount of time, intelligence, and dedication. They were decent students and learned very quickly the techniques they were taught...

3 years later, they met at a seminar where they began to discuss and compare notes on the different types of training they had been doing.

They were still very much alike.
Both had become successful with their Qigong training and seemed satisfied with their progress...

But there was one difference...

chi energy  The first man trained in a traditional style of Qigong that had a lineage which went back hundreds of years. He spent hours per day doing all of the exercises and meditations he had been taught over the years.

chi energy  The second man practiced "CHI POWER TRAINING", which is a non-traditional form of Qigong and meditation. It takes the best exercises ever developed and puts them into a curriculum that allows the practitioner to increase their energy and chi by many times the normal rate...

So What Allowed ONE Student TO
Have an Unreal Amount of Energy, Vitality & Focus
While The Other Guy's Chi Was Hardly Noticible

You see, the second guy was using a closely-guarded training system  I accidentally stumbled upon a couple years ago. It's a secret I've kept to myself (and a few loyal students) for awhile—and have been utilizing it to increase my chi energy exponentially!

In fact, this powerful Qigong system is one of the best kept secrets with regards to learning how to maximize your ability to develop and control your chi energy. 

In fact, one guru (who'll remain nameless so I won't embarrass him) actually made fun of our system, until he met one of our students and found out our students chi was stronger than his after 20 years of training. When he found this out, he wanted to know exactly what this was all about...

The fact is, this system will enable you develop your chi easier and faster than any other meditation/Qigong program on the planet!

chi energy

EXCLUSIVE Case Study: How One Student Developed The Ability to Melt a Metal Spoon With His Chi Energy

When Andrei started this program several years ago, he already had some very special skills. Andrei was what you might refer to as somewhat of a natural when it came to using his chi energy...

He had an upbringing that fostered the ideas that anything was possible with the mind and body. He learned how to heal and other interesting skills...

He started training with the SPC-USA Advanced Chi Training system  and at first was skeptical, but after using the exercises to hone his skills, and consulting with Sifu Jones about how he could apply these concepts to his own skill set, his ability to use his chi increased dramatically...

Andre is a fantastic visualizer and by adjusting the way he uses his chi has allowed him to actually super-heat up his chi to bend or melt spoons in a matter of seconds...

Sounds Unbelievable doesnt it?

The best part about this, is through his training he has been able to use his chi to help his business grow, as well as to help out people in need....

Andrei is now one of the Certified Instructors with SPC-USA and honing his skills for even more interesting techniques in the future...

He Would ONLY Reveal This Training Technique If I Agreed Not To Share It With Anyone…

And My Video Camera HAD To Be SHUT OFF!!!

So for two FULL hours Sifu Jones spilled the beans. As I sat in his house, he revealed to me exactly what it was going to take to become a master controller of my chi. This was only the 2nd or 3rd time I had driven the 10 hour trip from NJ to Ohio to train with him, and now he was going to reveal the secrets I had been searching for...

In fact, he even told me, "Don't even think about turning that video camera on, when I explain these techniques to you". 

You see it was common practice for me to video tape our training sessions, so I could go back home and perfect the exercises...This was way before he and I were business partners with Scientific Premium Company, I was just one of his many students...

I'm not even sure to this day, why he revealed some of these techniques to me (even to this day), maybe he saw something in me that I didn't see in my self...

So, we trained for several hours. I learned how to stimulate the chi in the body, and how to sensitize my body to all different types of emotions, feelings and even recognizing objects in the dark...

It was truly unique training...

I remember on many of these occasions, we would set up a "Triangulation of Chi" with another student named Mike...This is one of the many techniques we will teach you in the INNER CIRCLE!

Mike moved up from Texas with the express purpose to learn Chi Power Training with Sifu Jones. Mike had some natural abilities and could do some rather unique things with his body and mind... I won't go into details, because you might just not believe them, anyway.

The Key Was Learning To Discipline Myself with Consistant Training & Meditation 

After each visit, I went home and put into practice the training that Sifu Jones prescribed and I became very proficient and was able to do many interesting techniques. Such As:

martial arts Externalizing my chi to move small objects and put out a candle with both my eyes and any body part I selected.

martial arts Astral Projection and Remote Viewing

martial arts One day, my chi imploded a piece of glass I had in my hand

martial arts Develop a hyper-sensitivity to sense objects and things in a  dark room

martial artsIncreased my abliltiy to fight- One time I sparred a so-called "Grandmaster", and he got so mad, because I embarrased him in front of his students (I'll explain that in more detail sometime- the guy had it coming, trust me)

martial arts The ability to externalize my chi energy to be used in business and in my personal life

martial artsI was taught how to use my chi to attract anything I wanted ( I have attracted houses, cars, jobs, businesses, relationships, etc)

martial arts And Many others too esoteric to try and explain here...

If What You Desire Is High-Octane Training, Then The Chi Power INNER CIRCLE Is For You!

Unlike most systems which teach a linear style of Qigong, Chi Power Training teaches the concept of circuling the chi to dynamic results that other Qigong practices wish they could get...

When you want results and not talk, that is what our training is all about...

Scientific Premium Company-USA has been providing totally unique products since 1980, so you can be sure you are getting knowledge, techniques and methods that are tried and true.  

Product Evolution

How To Build Incredible Chi Power Like an Energetic Dynamo

We started out with Pressure Points Poster (see to the right) Instructions and followed that up with our now famous CHI POWER PLUS course...

Why should you keep spending your good money on methods that promise much, but deliver very little in the way of tangible results?

If you seek results, then our New INNER CIRCLE SYSTEM is exactly what you've been looking for!

Our customers have been getting dynamic results for years with our products. Over the years we have added alot of different products to the mix that allow you develop an even keener sense of how to develop your body, mind and spirit.

dim mak
Dim Mak Striking & Healing Poster

Scientific Premium Company-USA, A Unique Product Mix Designed to Get You Results...

Just imagine, learning techniques that until now would either cost you a fortune (if you could even find anyone to teach you) or cause you to have to travel half way across the world to find a competent instructor...

And almost instantly you'll see a huge spike in your energy.  And what's even cooler is that you can actually apply the energy to every area of your life...chi power

Our current curriculum includes the following fine products, and as a matter of fact, the only way you an even qualify for the Inner Circle is to be an owner of our ADVANCED CHI DVD...

The INNER CIRCLE SYSTEM will allow you to build upon the instruction from our courses openly available on our websites...

Chi Power Plus: The product has stood the test of time and allows you to kick start your chi training. This course is available in electronic and hard copy form.

meditationMind Portal: This yin meditation course enables you to begin the process to totally relax your body down, so you can get to higher levels of consciousness. Truly unique as it also teachs Remote Viewing and Out of Body Experiences. Book and (3) CD Set.

meditation cd
meditation cdmeditation cd

psychic powerInternal Power Centers: This program is designed to teach you how to harness your chi energy to be able to tap into that psychic portion of your mind and body. Many unique techniques and exercises are explained in this highly regarded book and (3) CD Set.

psychic intuition
meditation cdmeditation cd

Advanced Chi DVD: For over 10 years, this has been the leading Qigong training DVD on the market. No other DVD of instruction allows you to ramp upqigong dvd your chi energy faster than the SPC-USA ADVANCED CHI DVD. Remarkible instruction for remarkible results...Over the years, our students rave about the power they've created using this one set of instructions..


Here's what some of our students had to say...

This Works Great!: Advanced Chi DVD Gets Results

"Today I used the advanced chi power plus dvd. It was amazing. It was the first time.

I am a Reiki master so I already know a great deal about ki and how it works. Where it flows and the different sensations. So I felt the difference right away. By doing the excercises I was able to magnify my energy by a great deal. I am going to do these exercises every day now. 

Thank you so much. These are going to help me so much and this is exactly what I  have been looking for. I am excited now for what the future holds. I am sure I will be calling you in a few months once I have questions. "



"I just want to say thanks for these products...

It is like I've been waiting my whole life for these techniques and I don't know if I'm ready, but I'm going to give it a try."



"As far as I am concerned your products are right on target and will surely help any one that takes the time and believes that they will work.  I know from what I have done thus far that it has deffinately made a difference in my life."


Lucky Kruse


"Is this a good value? holy crap! this is a great value. it is amazing! it has already enhanced my life, perception, and intent. It has also made my xing yi, bagua, and tai chi a hell of allot more meaningful and powerful and it has only been 2 days! thank you so much I cant wait to purchase more of your products. thank you so much!"



your friend and student Joseph Palermo 


"Thanks for sending your new blog. I am grateful for the information and for your acquainting us with what non-Western science is just beginning to learn. Scientists are understandably skeptical in the face of such a paradigm shift. One thing you stated is very true:

 Well, what I found to be true, is that once you develop your chi to a certain level, you can arrange to have the right people show up in your life to assist in your development….

 Also, for those who might not be at the level yet where they know how and whom to attract, it is also very encouraging to know (or have faith) that as one develops, the right person or persons will show up and the seeker will know, perhaps slightly at first, that this is a path to follow. Of course, then the challenge turns into one of developing the perseverance and compassion necessary for the journey!

Thanks again for putting together and making available this information.

I am still practicing.,"


I just pulled those out of emails I received...I have many more just like that and better...Here is what you need to focus your mind on...

The INNER CIRCLE SYSTEM Will Enable You To Create a Higher Level of Chi Than Any Other Book, CD, DVD or Curriculum...Guaranteed!

Our New INNER CIRCLE SYSTEM is going to take the techniques, concepts and methods taught in our previous courses and totally enhance them. Not to mention, we are going to add more exercises and techniques than you can shake a stick at!

I can promise you, there will be no better way to develop your chi energy than what we are providing in the INNER CIRCLE SYSTEM...

You see, with the INNER CIRCLE, we are going to build on what you have already learned or are learning with our first set of products. You will get all the help you need in order to create a new you...

The most important things you will gain are:

  • Increased Health: By putting your internal body in proper working condition, you are increasing the blood flow, energy flow and using proper breathing methods to clean the toxins out of the body.

  • Increased Focus: By learning this practice, you will learn the great art of focus. Now you can gain the advantage in business, relationships or sports with your new found ability to focus. This one area can pay dividends for years to come.

  •  Increased Sensitivity and Awareness: Now you will be able to increase the sensitivity in your body so you can be more aware of everything going on around you better. Just like a radio station receives radio waves, you will now be able to tune into more of the energy around you. This skill is .......Priceless.

Plus............Many, many more interesting techniques, concepts and exercises that will allow you to supercharge your energy like a dynamo.....

"Now, the secrets of Chi Manipulation are available for YOU...”

This curriculum is the finest Chi Power Training program on the market, and we guarantee it will teach you how to become more energized and create more vitality in your life.

SPC-USA brings to you an enormous opportunity to easily learn how you can master the power of your mind, body and spirit in the privacy of your own home.

Even with a personal instructor, the concepts, methods and approaches in this program would take you a minimum of 2-5 years just to mentally compile this information....Let alone master it and that is if you can even find someone that will teach you!

Now this information is at your fingertips when you join The INNER CIRCLE Today 

This program is a multifaceted curriculum of highly effective and advanced methods, exercises and meditations from some of the most esoteric schools of energy development in the world. Many of the techniques you will learn are not known outside of our instructors and students.

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons we can back up what we claim:

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say......

Reason One: Over the years, our instructors have trained with some of the best from China, Korea, Japan, Russian and other sects that conduct this style of training......

Reason Two: We have honed down a method that works! Plain and simple. We have taken the guess work out of Chi Kung Training for anyone who is willing to train, listen and learn.....

Reason Three: Either our instructors or students can perform the techniques we talk about.....Our motto is "Seeing is believing". Once you see your own energy/chi expanding to a greater level, you are going to get really excited....

"The INNER CIRCLE SYSTEM Delivers Big Value"

The reason We've decided to open the INNER CIRCLE  to the public is... because there is so much dis-information out there right now regarding Chi Kung Training, that we want to set the record straight....

As you read on, ll tell you more about how these high velocity concepts, methods and tactics will help you but let me tell you some straight from the hip facts about the rest of the picture.

Fact is - "Most martial arts never really teach someone how to adequately defend themselves, because most of the training is katas, sparring and other calisthenics. We show you how to increase the most potent weapon of all.....YOUR MIND!"

Here Is Just a Sample of The Value You Will Receive With This...

Most instructors don't want you to know about this (even if they knew, they'd probably keep it to themselves) so that's why - I'm here to expand your knowledge my fellow martial artist....

With that said - I'm going to cut right to the chase and tell you exactly what this AMAZING course of instruction is capable of doing for you.


Do NOT Buy Any Chi Kung Course Unless It Meets The Following 6 Criteria
There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you 6 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:

Can the instructors actually perform at a a high skill level or do they just talk about it?

 Will the instructor take the time to mentor you or provide technical support, so you can get the techniques to work for you?

 Does the instructor put more importance on lineage, than actually being able to use internal energy.

 If you put in the proper time, will you learn how to emit your internal chi energy? With our course you will.

 Does the course or instructor offer many different aspects of how to train based on the results you want?

 Does the course or instructor fully understand the possible side effects involved in Chi Kung or Chi Power Training?

You get at least 10 times your money's worth!

Like we said before, we have charged thousands of dollars over the years to individuals who wanted to become proficient with these methods....

Trust me, this course of instruction is worth several times what we are charging and we challenge you to compare it to others on the market....

So, we will teach you how to massively build up your chi energy.....Techniques that many travel the world just to learn.......


Now before you think I'm crazy, I want to explain WHY we are going to do this at a price that is absolutely nuts...

 First - This is a Limited Membership offer, and we'll be limiting the memberships - In fact We'll be increasing the price without warning ANYTIME. Sifu Jones wants to keep the quality high and the instruction solid.
One thing is sure and that is we will be keeping the doors open for 72 hours or until we max out the amount of members...

 Second - Its our way of helping more people build up their chi energy  and to work their way to getting certified with our system.

 Third - We  get another one of our valuable systems in your hands, which will let you see the value of what we have available and may make you decide to promote that product as an affiliate, which will allow you to actually resell this product if you so desire

 4th - We would like to create a worldwide organization of skilled Chi Power Practitioners that can heal others and help them in all areas of their life. because you never know when there may be another offer as incredible as this one presented to you...  I am sure after you see what you are going to get below, you will not want to miss out on this opportunity that is right in front of you.

You Can Get Started Today - Click Here Right Now


We're Packing Value Into This System, So You Can Maximize Your Abilities In Record Time...

To be blunt: if you don't see the value in discovering what this can do for you by investing in the "INNER CIRCLE", then this isn't for you. But if you read this far, then you're one of the "action-takers" I love to teach. So read below just some of what you will be learning over the next 12 months

"Inner Circle System of Chi Power Develpment"  

--Only For The Chosen Few!!--

Pretend you could have any crazy skill known to man. Well what ever your mind can conceive, we have a program to help get you there. Over the next 12 months, we are going to increase your knowledge and power exponentially...

The INNER CIRCLE SYSTEM is designed to track your training to help you improve on an ongoing basis. No more trial and error...

You will have access to some of the most elite students of the Chi Energy Arts from around the globe...

The INNER CIRCLE SYSTEM will deliver to you on a monthly basis:

  • High Quality Instuction Videos
  • Several INNER CIRCLE MEMBERS ONLY Conference calls per month
  • Updated Books, documents and training articles
  • Audio files, MP3s and other media with instruction
  • Your questions answered by a highly trained Chi Power Instructor
  • Certification at the end of the 12 months

The best part is this: You will getting feedback and continual instruction with techniques and concepts not found in any book, CD, DVD...Or Anywhere!

Here's A Sampling of The 12 Monthly Videos You Will Receive With Your Membership: (Each of These Videos Will Be Available To Non-Members at a Price of $97-$197 Each)

  • VIDEO- Learning to sense a slap/punch while blindfolded. How to mentally prepare yourself to feel threatening chi and pick the strike out in mid-air.

  • VIDEO- Learning to feel objects with only your hand only (while blndfolded)- This scanning skill will come in handy in so many situations, you'll be amazed!

  • VIDEO- Learn to bend spoons with your chi - Talk about over the top skills, this video will teach you how to do it.

  • VIDEO-  Learn to feel colors while blindfolded. Another building block technique to ramp up your chi skill set.

  • VIDEO- Learn step by step how to remote view (start in same room, then from different one, move objects in & out of room)

  • VIDEO- Learning  to change the tempature of  your body and chi (use sticker type temp gage-explain mind process)

  • VIDEO- Learn to control animals, people or bugs with chi energy (the how to avoid mosquitoes' bites is worth the price alone)

  • VIDEO- Learn to even out your chi pressure  and special healing techniques shown (this is another for Inner Circle Members exclusive Video/DVDs- not offered to non-members)

  • VIDEO- Learn to manipulate objects from the lying down position (Moving things from lying down  while hanging from a string using bigger  and bigger things)

  • VIDEO- Learning to do the " Parlor Tricks" type chi techniques (moving things in water, knocking over sticks,  playing cards  technique) 

  • VIDEO- Learn to feel the shape of things with your hands only  (using circles, squares, stars and triangle, also penny exercise as variation)

  • VIDEO- Learn how to send your chi energy out in a circle to manifest attraction of the things you desire in your life (easily worth the entire system)

qigong master

Enter The INNER CIRCLE  And Receive Amazing Bonuses

Exclusive Bonus Videos  (Worth Over $500)

--Only For The First 100 Action-Takers!!--


Our goal when setting this up, was to deliver more value than any other product system ever created for Meditation, Qigong and other Esoteric Studies... These videos will be sold to non members for $297 & $197 each. Incredible Value!

Well, I think we have Over delivered with these two bonus videos....

Bonus Video #1- Advanced Chi  Training Video #2        " Expanding The  Pressure"- This video instruction picks up where our last one left off. Super  advanced  exercises designed to  get you specific results- Fast!

Bonus Video #2- The Amazing Chi Stick DVD & Instructions- We reveal the secrets of the infamous Chi Stick. Many have heard about this amazing tool, but how many know it's secrets? Well, now you will with this awesome tool for your chi development.

Click Here To Claim Your Bonuses Right Now!


Certification After 12 Months (Priceless)

--Stake Your Claim For Increased Knowledge & Power!!--


When you complete the 12 months in the INNER CIRCLE SYSTEM, you will be elegible to receive certification. This certification is the first step to becoming a certified instructor with Scientific Premium Company-USA

We have only given out a few certifications over the years, and now is your chance to receive something for all your hard work.


"When You Join The INNER CIRCLE System, we give you the key to Open the Closed Door"

One of the things we have noticed over the years, is that those individuals who buy our courses and stay in touch with our instructors make excellent gains.....Gains in chi energy as well as their abilities to manipulate with the chi for various purposes.

Over the years, we have strived to provide the best instruction at the best cost and will continue to do so....We dare you to compare our program to any other one out there and we are sure you will agree that we have exactly what you are searching for.....

Why waist time, when we can save you years of looking for something that is right in front of you (this curriculum). As you begin to really see the value in this, you will know with certainty that this is the real thing.....

This is the key to you learning how to achieve some really wonderful and powerful skills. Naturally as you begin to understand how this training can positively effect you both physically and mentally, you will come to the conclusion that this is the training for you.

Purchase this today and get the totally bold and confident attitude that all masters of these secretive arts have.

You can't lose with our 100%, ironclad, money back guarantee.

Your satisfaction is assure through our 60 day, you can't lose, 100% money back guarantee. We give you 60 days to review & actually train with  the system, try it out and even contact us through the members area. If after 60 days, you feel the system has not met your needs, we will gladly refund all of your money for that month....

The Methods You will learn are extremely powerful. However, we do suggest you use these strategies only to benefit other people. You can be held accountable in a court of law if you were to use these techniques to manipulate someone in the wrong way. These methods are taught for information purposes only and we will not be held responsible for your misuse of these potent methods of chi power development.


Accept no substitutions, this is what you have been looking for!

Any questions? Call 609-528-0607

This INNER CIRCLE SYSTEM contain everything you need to be able to build tremendous Chi Power. Other expensive courses are sold for up to 100 times the cost of this revolutionary mind expanding program!!!! ....and none of these have a more easy way to learn than the concepts found in this curriculum. Most do not even include focus tests that forms an essential part of your learning these phenomenal methods!

The Inner Circle System does not leave you wondering what to do once you are a confident and competent practitioner, like other teaching aids do, it shows you in step-by-step detail how to apply this in your life now from your new abilities and much more besides!

The Inner Circle System is everything that a Chi Kung or Energy Development course should be...... and much, much more!!!


"That's Incredible, But Let's Get To How Much This Is Gonna Cost Me Sifu..."?




Is this going to be some mega-expensive program?

The answer, my friend, is a resounding NO!

We Have Made It Easy For You To Get Access to The Secrets Contained in The INNER CIRCLE...

Over the years, Sifu Jones has charged thousands for just one of the many techniques you will learn in this Inner Circle System, and now you can get these very same techniques for as little as... $49.95 per month!

I know you are thinking that is a crazy price, but we wanted to be able to make this offer available for as many people as possible. And with different currencies around the world, this training is now affordable to anyone who has the desire to put in the time and effort.

Don't Delay, This Membership Is Totally Limited...


Sifu Perhacs


I want to maximize my learning and skills in the shortest time possible.I realize this is alot of  information regarding Qigong, and I look forward to getting these methods to work for me...

 I understand that only way to get certified as an instructor is by learning and using the techniques, concepts and methods described in the INNER CIRCLE Training System.

  I also understand I will be one of the first to receive the new Advanced Chi DVD & Instructions soon to come out within the next 60 days.

 I also understand I am taking no risk because I'm covered by a 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

 I also have the option of ordering the entire INNER CIRCLE Training System in one payment and save over $120!

rapid hypnosis

Before You Order, I Want You To Know... 

* Your Security Is My Priority!

Your order will be securely processed via the highly-reliable, encrypted service provided by Clickbank. 

When you click one of the order links below you will go to the secure payment processing screen at Clickbank that will look something like the image to the right ------>.All credit card orders are safely & securely processed via
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astral projection

Okay, Here Are Your
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INNER CIRCLE OPTION #1-   Membership with electronic copies of Advanced DVD & electronic copies of Chi Power Plus, Mind Portal & Internal Power Centers  

Option #4 Inner Circle System with access to all video, audio, documents, training calls and downloads.  

One (1) Payment of $69.95 per month

To order the INNER CIRCLE SYSTEM just click the button below


kung fu

INNER CIRCLE OPTION #2- Platinum Membership with High Level Instruction with Sifu Jones

Option #1 Inner Circle System with exclusive training and phone mentoring with Sifu Jones. In addition to all of the standard membership benefits, you will receive (2) 30 minute phone sessions with Sifu Jones during the month. You will also have direct access to his personal email for questions as well.This option is limited to the first 25 people who sign up- There will be no exceptions.

One (1) Payment of $99.95 per month

To order the INNER CIRCLE SYSTEM just click the button below


kung fu


INNER CIRCLE OPTION #3- Gold Membership 

Option #2 Inner Circle System with access to all video, audio, documents, training calls and downloads.

One (1) Payment of $49.95 per month

To order the INNER CIRCLE SYSTEM just click the button below


kung fu






 The Methods You will learn are extremely powerful. However, we do suggest you use these strategies only to benefit other people. You can be held accountable in a court of law if you were to use these techniques to manipulate someone in the wrong way. These methods are taught for information purposes only and we will not be held responsible for your misuse of these potent methods of chi power development.















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